The following thumbnails chronicle the publishing of this authentic replica of the
Declaration of Independence

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   Heidelberg Speedmaster Press. This $2.5 million press of Naron Printing Co., Houston, Texas assured the finest quality reproduction of the Declaration of Independence
   80 pound white vintage-velvet paper 26 in. x 40 in. is loaded into the press.
   Naron pressman starts the job.




Red rollers of the 4 color process


TV crew films the first press set of prints.


Doug Whttle of Naron Printing does the press check.


Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies printing begins.


Commander James Mitchell of American Legion Post 78 in Jasper, Texas checks the first press set.

First set on proof table.


Roger Hausler, Post 78 Adjutant-Treasurer looks on.


First run limited edition of 1000 completed.



Press Plate.


TV News crews interview Commander Mitchell as the job is completed.


Press Releases